7 Fates BTS - Chakho

7 Fates BTS – Chakho

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Having watched the teaser trailer of 7 Fates BTS, I am curious as to how it will work. It appears that a group of seven men are bound by fate to rid their town of “monsters”.

Urban fantasy genre story

‘7Fates: Chakho’ is an urban fantasy story that chronicles the adventures of seven boys who are bound by fate. It was created by the Korean boy band BTS, based on traditional Korean Beom tales. It will be released in early 2022. It is part of the partnership between the Korean boy band and Naver Webtoon.

This is a young adult series about a group of boys who discover magical abilities. It is set in the fictional city of Sin-si, which is a corrupted city that has been inhabited by beom. On every January 16, the beom come to Sin-si to sacrifice humans.

The urban fantasy genre is an exciting subgenre of fantasy literature. It blends modern urban settings with fantasy elements. It also has a noir tone. Some of the fantasy elements include magic, fairy tales, supernatural creatures, folk myths, sci-fi technologies, and noir aesthetics.

Some urban fantasy stories feature romance. This is usually in the form of a love triangle. Depending on the author’s style, the romance may take place in the real world, or it may take place in the fantasy world.

Teaser trailer

HYBE, BTS’ label, recently released a teaser trailer for their upcoming webtoon 7 Fates: Chakho. The teaser features a 15-second long video that shows BTS members reaching toward a ball of light. The clip also features a dramatic instrumental track in the background.

HYBE recently announced a number of collaborations, including a partnership with the webtoon site Naver, which previously featured the group in its own webtoon. In addition, the company has teamed up with ENHYPEN and TXT to produce original stories. The most exciting part is that these stories will feature BTS members, including , , , and , among others.

The seven Fates of Chakho is a story about seven tiger hunters who come together in a strange new world to conquer their destiny. In particular, the tale is inspired by Korean folklore and a tiger hunting tradition of the Joseon Dynasty. The concept is reminiscent of a group of special forces with exceptional hunting skills.

The 7 Fates of Chakho is set in the future, starring seven men who are bound by fate. They all come together as a team to fight the good fight. But, how does this all work out?

Release date

HYBE Labels and Naver Webtoon are collaborating to create a new storyline for the 7 Fates: Chakho webtoon. The story will focus on seven young men who will be bound by their fate. This webtoon will be released on January 15, 2022 on Naver Webtoon’s portal. It will be available for reading on the company’s webtoon website and app. It will also be available for purchase using coins.

The story will be written in a futuristic urban fantasy genre. It will be set in a near future, and will feature characters inspired by BTS members. It will also take place in a world called beom. The beom come to Sin-si every January 16 to sacrifice humans. They will be fought by a group of tiger hunters portrayed by global superstars. They will be building a MCU-ish universe.

The official Twitter account for 7Fates: CHAKHO posted a graphic of the content schedule. The webtoon will release a new episode every Friday at 9 PM ET. The story will also be covered by a network of beom hunters.

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