BT21 BABY KOYA Christmas Happy Holidays Phone Holder


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?BT21 BABY KOYA Christmas Happy Holidays Phone Holder

?BT21 is a Globally Beloved Character of Millennials,including TATA,CHIMMY,COOKY,KOYA,RJ,MANG,SHOOKY.

?BT21 is a globally beloved character of millennials created in collaboration with LINE FRIENDS

?Small and portable, not taking up space, easy to carry.

?Three-dimensional doll/three-level telescopic/mobile phone holder/receivable earphone cable.

?High quality finger kickstand for phone or phone case.

?Removable glue, environmental protection and practical, no residual glue.

?Express yourself freely with the cute BT21 image made by BTS Group Member

?High-Quality BT21 and BTS Group Member Merchandise.

?Welcome to shop in our BT21 store.

?Fast Shipping to ARMYs Worldwide

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