BTS and McDonald’s Launch Collaboration Meal

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BTS and McDonald’s launched a collaboration meal on May 26. The BTS Meal was supposed to come in a BTS-themed packaging. However, some fans were disappointed when the packaging was not the one that they expected. These fans resold the packaging online, which boosted the value of the fast-food package, as some went for twice the price of the actual meal.

The BTS Meal is available at McDonald’s restaurants around the world, and has gained enormous popularity. The new menu includes a 10 piece Chicken McNugget, fries, and two new dipping sauces. The BTS Meal is inspired by recipes from South Korea. The BTS Meal is set to be available in at least 50 countries by May 26.

As a part of the promotion, McDonald’s and BTS have launched a merchandise collection. The merchandise can be bought via the Weverse Shop app. The two brands also teamed up to offer four weeks of exclusive digital content. The BTS Meal can be purchased in the US, South Korea, and other markets.

BTS is known to have a close relationship with McDonald’s. They have worked with the fast food giant on several occasions to promote their merchandise and products. In addition to McDonald’s, BTS collaborated with other companies such as Starbucks and FILA to create special meals for fans. Most recently, BTS became brand ambassadors for Louis Vuitton.

Here is BTS McDonald’s  Merch collection for a view:

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