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BTS Doll

The BTS dolls from Mattel are officially unveiled and the early word on the collection has arrived in the form of a tidal wave of comments from the fandom social media.

One thing seems certain – some of the fans are thrilled that Mattel made bts dolls of the global K-Pop phenomenon in the first place. But as always with celebrity portraiture – who could forget that Belle doll – people are quick to sound off.

Many soldiers in BTS’ army love the toys crafted in the famous likeness of , , , , , and , with some even suggesting that nailing what the boys look like in real life might even be creepy. Others found the portrayal of the hair and facial features questionable.

People also had plenty to say about the snazzy little outfits and the eyeliner painting the mugs on the international stars.

Mattel’s collaboration with BTS was announced in January, and the toy-making giant bts doll had been teasing the official release for weeks.


“BTS is a pop-culture music phenomenon that transcends age, culture and language,” Mattel’s senior vice president Sejal Shah Miller said in a release.

bts BT21 t shirt

“Through this partnership, Mattel will offer a new way for millions across the world to engage with the bts bt21 band.”

There comes a time in every boy band’s life when they get shrunk down into dolls. The time has come for BTS.

The wildly successful South Korean pop group is just the latest band to receive the coveted toy treatment, and there’s no question why. Their presence in the public eye has skyrocketed over the past year, and they’ve amassed a dedicated and vocal fanbase.

Their fans, called ARMY, couldn’t get enough as they strutted their stuff at the 2019 Grammy’s and released their own official bts bt21 line of adorable mascot characters. They’re even set to perform on SNL in April. So it was only a matter of time before they would get the toy treatment.

Back in January, Mattel revealed that the kings of K-pop would be getting doll likenesses. In mid-March, Mattel tweeted a teaser photo, showing the dimmed silhouettes of the dolls. Fans were initially hyped that the outfits would be based on the music video for their hit single “Idol.”

Mattel finally hit the lights and revealed images of the dolls on Tuesday, and the reaction was immediate and intense.

BTS Plushies

“MIC Drop, ARMY!” Mattel tweets, in a reference to the band’s 2017 hit single. “For the first time ever, we’re thrilled to show you the line of #BTSxMattel fashion dolls! Take a look at V, SUGA, Jin, Jung Kook, RM, Jimin and j-hope as dolls inspired by the Idol music video!”

bt21 dolls

Mattel had been teasing silhouettes and close-up shots of the bts plush dolls since earlier this month, but the recently shared images show the Bangtan Boys in full effect — pint-sized stage lights and all.

“To all the ARMY who are unhappy with the @Mattel dolls. IMO they are pretty well done. These are gonna be mass produced! Cut them a little slack, they do look like the members,” tweets @Lady_Bismuth, who also shared a group shot of Mattel’s attempt at One Direction dolls a few years go. (It’s really bad.)

BTS will hit US stadiums later this year as a part of the “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself” tour.

Here the BTS plushes & dolls for a view:

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