BTS - So What and Tomorrow

BTS – So What and Tomorrow

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‘So What’ and ‘Tomorrow’ are two of the biggest hits of the year from the popular South Korean group BTS. The song “So What” is a ballad penned by and , while ‘Tomorrow’ is a dance-floor-friendly track with vocals from , , and . Both tracks were released as part of the group’s latest album, ‘Love Yourself: Tear’.

‘Love Yourself: Tear’

‘Love Yourself: Tear’ is BTS’ third Korean language studio album. It was released by Big Hit Entertainment on May 18th. The album consists of eleven tracks. It is the group’s first official LP since their comeback in 2016. The album is a part of the Love Yourself series, which also includes “Her” and “Tear.”

In an interview, BTS stated that they wanted to show the world the complex and complicated sides of love. The album is an example of how they wanted to make their mark on the music industry while also having fun. The album features a range of influences including pop, rock, and electronic dance. It also raises the issue of toxic love. The album has been certified as a million on the Korean music content association’s Gaon Music Chart.


During the Love Yourself: Her tour, BTS released a song that is also a comeback trailer for their album. This new song, titled “Singularity,” is a meditation on gender, identity, and desire. It’s a solid opening track and an enlightening glimpse into the complexities of romantic love in today’s world. Several other songs on the album also reference the concept.

The single was written by Charlie J. Perry and RM, with performance in mind. The lyrics are based on a dream of romantic love and a description of how hard it is to learn to love yourself in a modern society. The lyrics are also a commentary on the idol culture of today.

The video is a modern interpretation of interpretive dance, featuring haunting white masks and lush nature scenes. It’s also a play on the notion of fake love. The video uses yellow, which is a color used for hope, but also signifies betrayal.


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Although it is not the sexiest of titles, tomorrow is still an important part of the equation when it comes to time perception. For the average mortal, it is difficult to separate the present from the past, but with tomorrow, the future is in our rear view mirrors. Hence, it is no surprise that tomorrow is a popular subject among high schoolers and college students.


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