How Many Songs Does BTS Have?

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How Many Songs Does BTS Have?

BTS’s discography is extensive, spanning 38 singles and more than a hundred songs. This number includes previously unreleased tracks and several Japanese albums. However, the discography is by no means complete. We’ll discuss the albums, as well as the ‘DNA’ mixtape, to get an idea of how much material the group has created.

38 singles

South Korean pop sensation BTS has released over forty-eight singles as a lead artist. The group has also released eight singles as featured artists and two promotional singles. In addition, the group has over one hundred non-single tracks to their credit. The group’s impressive number of single releases makes them one of the most popular groups of the 21st century.

The boy band’s most recent album, ‘Proof,’ debuted at Number One on the Billboard 200 chart, marking the group’s sixth Number One album. The album features several of the group’s hit singles.

Over 100 non-single tracks

BTS are a unified group of rap artists, each of whom has released solo songs with accompanying trailers. The group is particularly popular among young people, and the boy band’s songs have become a staple of the music scene. Their songs are diverse, and their sound is a refreshing mix of pop, hip-hop, and electronic dance music.

“Stay Gold” is BTS’ first official single from Map of the Soul 7. The album is a collection of Japanese versions of some BTS tracks, as well as brand-new originals. It includes the single “Stay Gold” and a digital single, “Dynamite.” However, these tracks were not part of BTS’ plans.

’s self-titled mixtape

RM’s self-titled mixtapen explores duality and the human condition. He sings in both English and Korean, focusing on both his own experiences as well as those of others. The result is a collection of songs that each tells a unique story. Although many tracks hint at hope, many are also filled with a bittersweet tone.

‘Moonchild’ is a smooth alt R&B track that alluded to RM and ’s collaboration in “4 O’Clock.” On the self-titled mixtape, RM enlists the help of two indie artists, eAeon and V. Korean indie artist eAeon is well known for haunting electronic sounds and has worked with the duo Mot.


As a hip hop group, BTS has had a long and successful career. The group released their first album in 2013 and went on to become the highest charting K-pop group. The lead single of their debut album, “Bangtan Boys,” made it onto the Billboard Hot 100. In addition to their own albums, the group has worked with Coldplay, Halsey and Nicki Minaj on duets. Although only one member from their original lineup is still involved, this group is already known for its global success.

The latest release from the group is ‘DNA,’ which features rapping over the trolls of the internet. It is a light-hearted song that depicts a relationship stuck in a repetitive cycle. It also features beats and gunshots, and the word ‘ahem’.

‘2! 3!’

BTS’s latest album, “Dark & Wild”, marks the end of their school series and moves into more mature themes. There are many excellent tracks on the album, including the sentimental “Mikrokosmos” and “Boy With Luv,” which is a collaboration with Halsey. During the 2019 Melon Music Awards, the group performed both of these songs.

The two songs feature different elements, including a sample of a BTS fan song from EPILOGUE. The song starts off with cheers from the crowd during a concert.

‘House of Cards’

The show’s score has received a positive response from critics. Many praised the production, message, and Melanie’s voice. In the lead-up to its release, the show teased its audience on social media and the song has since passed the 500-million-stream threshold.

One song that is used frequently in House Of Cards is a classic song from the 1960s musical Camelot. While audiences might not know the song’s source, it still adds a sinister edge to the series.

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