BTS Meal Cost

How Much Does a BTS Meal Cost?

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Depending on the BTS group, the price of the meal may vary. Nevertheless, it is still recommended to ask the staff in the restaurant how much the cost of the meal. This will ensure that you will have a comfortable time and enjoy your meal. Besides, you can ask about the availability of the foods and beverages in the menu. In addition, you can also get advice from the staff on how to cook your food. This will help you to prepare your food in the best way.

Cajun sauce

Using Cajun sauce in a BTS meal might sound like a no-brainer. It’s a pretty common choice for a fast food meal, especially one with fries and nuggets. It has a spicy mustard flavor that works well with the crispness of the nuggets.

However, you might not know that the best Cajun sauce can be made at home. With just a few ingredients, you can make your own version of the spicy mustard-like condiment.

While this may seem like an overstatement, it’s actually quite easy to recreate. Just grab a few spices and some vinegar, and you’re off. This is also a great way to experiment with the taste of Cajun sauce.

Sweet chili sauce

Whether you’re looking for a sauce for your next meal or you’re looking for an easy way to get a little more spice into your life, consider adding Sweet Chili Sauce to your arsenal. It’s versatile and delicious. It can be used to dip or spread onto your favorite food, or even as a topping for cheese on toast.

You can find Sweet Chili Sauce at most supermarkets in the international aisle, or you can make your own. A homemade version is free of artificial ingredients and can be tailored to your own taste. Depending on how sweet or spicy you like yours, you can add some sugar to it to help balance out the heat.


During their trainee days, BTS members recalled eating at McDonald’s. The two brands partnered up once again for their new meal campaign. This time, the menu includes items such as medium fries, coke, Sweet Chili dipping sauce, and Cajun dipping sauce. Depending on your location, you’ll also receive free photocards.

In addition to the meal, you can also purchase limited-edition merchandise. For example, a t-shirt, tote bag, and hoodie will be available for sale. The color palette of the merch is inspired by the group’s purple colorway. This merchandise will be sold globally. It will be available starting May 27 and ending on June 30.


Whether you’re a diehard fan of the Korean boys or not, you’re bound to have heard of BTS. They’re one of the most recognizable K-pop groups on the planet and have a pretty impressive net worth.

Aside from a collaboration with Louis Vuitton, the band has also endorsed Hyundai, FILA, Starbucks, and Coca-cola. Their latest collaboration has them promoting a new line of sauces and food. They haven’t announced when or if the meal will hit the Philippines yet, but it is expected to roll out in June.

The BTS Meal is currently available in several countries, including Korea, India, Indonesia, and the United States. It’s estimated that it will eventually make its way to a dozen other nations by the end of the month.

Merchandise line

During the past few months, McDonald’s has been hyping up its custom BTS meal. After a record breaking week for foot traffic, the chain announced it would be expanding the collaboration with the Korean pop band. It will release a line of merch inspired by the band and its music.

The new merch includes a variety of items such as hoodies, sandals, flip flops, tote bags, cushions, pajamas, t-shirts, and more. To purchase these items, customers must download the Weverse Shop app. The Weverse Shop is a Korean platform that specializes in selling fan merchandise. It also provides users with a preview of the items they are interested in purchasing.

Release date

Earlier this week, McDonald’s announced that it’s launching a new, limited-time meal, a BTS Meal. The meal will feature a selection of fan favorites, like a medium drink, ten pieces of Chicken McNuggets, and two limited-edition sauces. This new product will be available in selected countries and will roll out to nearly 50 markets worldwide over the next two months.

This new offering is part of the fast-food giant’s Celebrity Signature Menu program. It’s the third collaboration with a celebrity for McDonald’s. They’ve previously worked with Travis Scott and J Balvin.

The meal will be available in select countries until June 20. The food will be available in participating restaurants, via the McDonald’s app, and through McDelivery.

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