BTS Jimin stuns ARMY by first concept film

BTS Jimin Stuns ARMY by First Concept Film

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Are you ready? ARMY! BTS Jimin is here with the first concept film for his photo-folio. He would stun you all by displaying sinister yet ethereal allure in concept film for his photofolio. And let’s see what’s showing. Our singer is here to leave everyone stunned.

the first concept film for Jimin photo-folio

Why Jimin so hot, and the most famous among BTS? How do we calm down now ladies and gentlemen? Since you are the one who caused the chaos, we suppose you should be doing something to make ARMY’s hearts stop beating so loud. It is going to take a lot of time for the storm to clear.

Let’s find out the news! A couple of hours ago, today, Sept 26, BTS member Jimin unveiled the first concept film for his upcoming photo-folio. Labelled ID : Chaos, the clip featuring the singer took the internet by storm.

It is a short 15-second video but enough to leave everyone stunned and speechless. Sporting a variety of black and white looks, in contrasting attires, the Filter singer becomes the embodiment of each theme. He delivers a dark sinister vibe as well as angelic yet hypnotizing allure, perfectly showcasing his duality.

Tailor of Chaos” really seems like the perfect way to describe Park Jimin for now. His smoldering hot visuals are simply out of this world. After all of that, the already wild scene is heightened by the long hair.

We are all going crazy. It should only be left to imagination how the ARMYs are feeling right now. But for now, let us not delay any further and take a look at the video here. All the best, everyone. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

If just the concept film 1 has left everyone wanting to sue the global star, we can only imagine what will happen once his photo-folio book drops. How to prepare ourselves?

For those who may be out of the loop here, the BTS members are expanding their artistic horizons. Following, Jungkook’s vampire theme and ’s soft yet charming photos in his solo version, we are now gearing up for Jimin to unveil his photo-folio. It is a unique project where the boys take part in the entire process of the photoshoot.

Look what the vedio shows as below:

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