Who Died in BTS?

Whether you are a die hard fan of BTS, a new fan, or a person who hasn’t been able to get into the band, you are probably curious who died in BTS. You may want to know more about what happened to them, or maybe you’re just curious about the group and how they got […]

Why Crush Deletes TikTok Of Him And BTS’s J-Hope?

Two years pass, Crush has coming back from his “Rush Hour,” featuring BTS‘s J-Hope in September 2022. He completed his mandatory military service just last month. Who is Crush? BTS J-hope’s collab singer known as ‘OST King’ among K-drama fans The two have been actively promoting their collaboration with appearances on YouTube shows, interviews, and more. But what’s a better way to promote […]

Who Is The Ugliest In BTS

Who Is The Ugliest Member Of BTS? Physical beauty is extremely important in the entertainment industry, and so is the idol ones. It may be difficult for an idol to achieve popularity if they are ugly. However, netizens have highlighted BTS members who appear to be unattractive at first but turn out to be quite […]