How Tall is BTS?

Whether you’re a fan of BTS or you simply want to know how tall they are, you’ll find some great information here. From their height, to their looks and more, there are plenty of details about each of them, so you’ll be sure to learn all you need to know! Jimin Throughout the years of […]

BTS’s Jimin is reportedly featuring in Big Bang Taeyang’s new solo album

According to an exclusive media outlet report on December 9, Big Bang‘s Taeyang may be collaborating with BTS‘s Jimin for his long-awaited solo comeback. Previously, it was reported that Taeyang was gearing up to return with a new solo album in January of 2023. Now, according to industry insiders, BTS’s Jimin will be a featuring artist in Taeyang’s new album, making for […]

BTS Dolls

BTS Doll The BTS dolls from Mattel are officially unveiled and the early word on the collection has arrived in the form of a tidal wave of comments from the fandom social media. One thing seems certain – some of the fans are thrilled that Mattel made bts dolls of the global K-Pop phenomenon in […]

Who Is The Ugliest In BTS

Who Is The Ugliest Member Of BTS? Physical beauty is extremely important in the entertainment industry, and so is the idol ones. It may be difficult for an idol to achieve popularity if they are ugly. However, netizens have highlighted BTS members who appear to be unattractive at first but turn out to be quite […]