Who Died in BTS?

Whether you are a die hard fan of BTS, a new fan, or a person who hasn’t been able to get into the band, you are probably curious who died in BTS. You may want to know more about what happened to them, or maybe you’re just curious about the group and how they got […]

What is Coway BTS?

Having a look at their latest advertisement, the Coway bts are a K-pop boy band from Korea, that has made a name for themselves in the world of music. They are also a global leader in the green home appliance industry. And in the future, they have plans to launch more campaigns that will promote […]

How Tall is BTS?

Whether you’re a fan of BTS or you simply want to know how tall they are, you’ll find some great information here. From their height, to their looks and more, there are plenty of details about each of them, so you’ll be sure to learn all you need to know! Jimin Throughout the years of […]

Where Does BTS Live?

Currently, the BTS group is based out of Seoul, South Korea. However, it is not known if the members of the group live there full-time or if they go on tours around the world. The group has performed in five concert tours, and they have even been nominated for two Grammy awards. Jeon Jungkook sold […]

Who Is The Ugliest In BTS

Who Is The Ugliest Member Of BTS? Physical beauty is extremely important in the entertainment industry, and so is the idol ones. It may be difficult for an idol to achieve popularity if they are ugly. However, netizens have highlighted BTS members who appear to be unattractive at first but turn out to be quite […]

What Does Hyung Mean In BTS

Hyung Hyung (형) means “older brother” and is used by males to call other males. Koreans use this word to refer to their actual brothers, family members, or friends. While, what is the real meaning of Hyung in BTS? The realization that Jungkook was no longer a “maknae” (in the world of K-Pop, that’s the […]