How to Watch BTS Festa 2021

During the BTS Festa 2021 you will be able to watch the BTS World Tour version of their latest album ‘MUSTER SOWOOZOO’. You will also be able to see videos that are choreographed by their members and ARMY Profiles. In addition, you will be able to see concerts from the ARMY members. ARMY Profile ARMY […]

Who is the Leader of BTS?

Often, people are curious about who is the leader of BTS. While it may seem like a simple question, it’s important to understand who the leader is and what makes them stand out amongst other members of the group. After all, the leader of the group is a key element of their success. Kim Namjoon […]

Classic Songs of BTS

Whether you’re a fan of the group or a stranger to them, you’ve probably wondered how many songs does BTS have. Regardless of how many, you can’t help but be impressed by their talent. Their popularity has reached an all-time high, and they are quickly becoming one of the most popular artists in the world. […]

Who Is The Ugliest In BTS

Who Is The Ugliest Member Of BTS? Physical beauty is extremely important in the entertainment industry, and so is the idol ones. It may be difficult for an idol to achieve popularity if they are ugly. However, netizens have highlighted BTS members who appear to be unattractive at first but turn out to be quite […]