BTS ARMY raise concern over alleged mistreatment of J-Hope by HYBE

The Concern from BTS ARMY about mistreatment of J-hope by HYBE & BigHit

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The BTS Army claims has been badly treated in many cases. The BTS ARMY recently expressed concern about HYBE and BigHit’s mistreatment of J-hope.

BTS ARMY’s anger towards HYBE and BigHit has escalated to an extent that now it has also gained the attention of Korean media.

According to Koreaboo, a Korean media outlet of TOPSTARNEWS shared an article that listed the grievances of ARMY on HYBE’s mistreatment of J-hope.

Outrage was sparked when J-hope reportedly lost his luggage at the airport on his way from Japan and had to settle the matter personally. Many were angered that since he returned from a business-related schedule, he should have a manager or staff to assist him.

Another matter that the ARMY brought up was of the instance when J-hope released his solo album Jack in the Box. ARMY alleged that BigHit and HYBE did not promote the album globally with the same vigour they usually adopt for other members.

BigHit and HYBE only produced a platform version, lacking things like lyric sheets or even a CD, considering the numerous versions of albums released for other artists, it seemed unfair, according to the fans.

Further allegations stated that when the platform copy was released it wasn’t released in big US stores and was contained in a thin paper box with a QR code that was just tied to it with a rubber band, and it was placed with no description or promotion.

As per the outlet, many fans also wanted to hear J-hope’s, music on the radio but it wasn’t available. One US radio DJ revealed that they contacted HYBE for the file of MORE so that they could play it but did not get any response.

The physical album was also released two weeks after the songs, which impacted charting globally. 

ARMY demand answers and statements from the label to address the issues listed in the article.

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