What Does Oppa Mean In BTS

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What Does Oppa Mean In BTS

?Oppa, 오빠 in Korean – term of endearment, means older brother in text. The real meaning of “oppa”, is only used by females when referring to or speaking to an older male in a friendly tone. However, it is best not to call someone “oppa” if you’ve met them for the first time. Often times, younger fans of an artist will call them “oppa” as a term of endearment.

About what is the meaning of oppa. Basically, it is used when a girl / woman is calling or talking to an older boy / man whether he is related to her or not. But it can also mean a boyfriend or husband. Women always call their boyfriedn or husband the “Oppa”. Sometimes “Oppa”, we say it in a flirty way, but sometimes not. It also means something like ‘hyung’ which is referring to a boy older than you. It’s included in BlackPink ‘Boombayah’!

If you are a boy/ man / male, don’t use this word. A femal can use this to refer to her boyfriend, brothers, or friends, and can talk to them directly. but male’s can’t.

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