When is BTS Anniversary

When is BTS Anniversary?

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Having been a big fan of the group, I wanted to find out the date when they will be celebrating their anniversary. I was curious to see when they would be releasing new songs and what other events are planned for the year. The answer to both of these questions is pretty obvious – they will be celebrating the group’s anniversary on September 8th. This is definitely a milestone in the group’s history, so I’m sure they’ll have plenty of good things to say about it.


Earlier this month, BTS, the seven-member Korean boy band, announced a special event to commemorate their eighth anniversary. Known as the “Muster Sowoozoo”, the two-day event will take place June 13 and 14 in 2021.

The two-day event will feature various events, including live interactions between BTS and their fans. The group also plans to perform foreign language songs during the second night of the event.

The group’s eight-year anniversary celebration will be known as the “Muster Sowoozoo”, and will be held on June 13 and 14. The two-day event will feature a variety of different elements, including live interactions and performances.

BTS will perform their latest hit, “Butter”, in addition to foreign language songs on the second day of the event. The song has received 146 million views on YouTube. The video has also broken YouTube’s record for single-day streaming history.

BIGHIT MUSIC, the group’s management agency, has been planning this two-day festival for the past two years. They want to give their fans a unique and memorable experience.


During the week ending June 13, “Butter” racked up over 24.6 million radio airplay audience impressions, and logged in more streams than any other song in the US. This makes the ‘Butter’ the most played disco-pop EDM track in the country’s history. The song is also currently tied with 2020’s ‘Dynamite’ for the longest run on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

During the same week, BTS shattered the record for highest grossing album of the year, earning more than 500,000 downloads in the US. This was also the first time in more than a decade that a K-pop group has sold more than a million copies of a single in the United States. This makes the band the fastest to rack up four top-ten singles in the past forty years.

The ‘Butter’ has been getting more play on North American radio stations as well. According to the National Retail Association, the song’s sales have been averaging over 15 million streams per week. The BTS flurry of activity lasted only a week, but it’s already been credited with the best week for a single in more than a decade. The song is currently holding its own on the Billboard’s Top 200 chart as well.

‘Yet To Come’

‘Yet To Come’, a medium tempo hip hop track, is BTS’ ninth anniversary song. It was released as the lead single from their first anthology album, Proof, on June 10. The song has since received over 75 million views on YouTube.

The Proof album features 48 songs, including fan favorites and unreleased tracks. It sold over two million copies on its first day of release, breaking the record for most streams in a single day on Spotify.

“Yet to Come” was accompanied by a music video that features a desert setting and the seven BTS members sitting in chairs. The video was a winner at the box office with over 50 million viewers tuning in.

There’s a lot more to the ‘Yet to Come’ story than the video. The lyrics also tell the tale of the group’s nine-year career. There was also a special message for the ARMY in the form of a teaser.

‘Army Day’

‘BTS’ is a South Korean pop boy band consisting of four members: , , , and . Their music has gained international popularity. The group released their first single ‘No More Dream’ in June 2013. They are currently touring the US and UK.

A new album, ‘Proof’, was released on Friday. It features songs from the band’s nine-year career. It earned the septet their sixth number one on the Billboard 200. BTS also performed their new song ‘Yet To Come’.

The members of the group discussed their hopes and fears for the future. They shared memories of the past and explained how their lives have changed since they started living alone. They also spoke about how important it is to include Asians in the music industry. The group apologized for mistakes they have made in the past.

On July 9th, the group announced a special message for their fans. The video for the fan challenge ‘MyBTStory’ will be released on the official YouTube channel on July 13. It includes a special tribute video for the ARMY.

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