Why Crush Deletes TikTok Of Him And BTS’s J-Hope?

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Two years pass, Crush has coming back from his “Rush Hour,” featuring BTS‘s J-Hope in September 2022. He completed his mandatory military service just last month.

Who is Crush? BTS ’s collab singer known as ‘OST King’ among K-drama fans

Crush is a K-R&B and hip hop singer (@OfficialPnation/Twitter)

The two have been actively promoting their collaboration with appearances on YouTube shows, interviews, and more.

But what’s a better way to promote than with a new TikTok dance challenge?

So, last week, Crush and J-Hope showcased their chemistry with a TikTok dance video on the set of the “Rush Hour” MV.

Crush has now uploaded a new TikTok dance challenge with J-Hope from when they filmed their dance practice. Yet, he deleted it shortly after.

The TikTok seemed innocent enough. So, why did he delete it? Crush captioned the original post “#Rushhour with my hobi” along with a purple heart emoji.

The fact that Crush referred to J-Hope as his “hobi,” meaning “my love” in Arabic, and the two were wearing matching shoes made it all too cute. Yet, this is all the reason why netizens suspected he deleted the TikTok.

Thankfully, Crush did reupload the same video soon after. The only change was that he omitted “my,” simply saying “#Rushhour with hobi,” and added a dancing emoji with the purple heart emoji.

Fans are joking that Crush remembered that he has a girlfriend (Red Velvet‘s Joy), so he quickly changed the caption as a result.

Thankfully, he didn’t really delete the video for good!

Watch the video below.

Crush’s TikTok Of Him And BTS’s J-Hope

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